Escape Backpack EXTREM Prepper #34043

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Escape Backpack EXTREM Prepper #34043

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We have put together this martial escape backpack especially for the tough guys and girls among...more
Product information "Escape Backpack EXTREM Prepper #34043"

We have put together this martial escape backpack especially for the tough guys and girls among you.
Some of the articles such as the machete or the BW combat knife not only have an increased man-stopping effect, but are also helpful tools in an emergency.
The waterproof backpack can also be used as a swimming aid. Your clothes and equipment that is stowed in the backpack remain dry even in this situation.
With this equipment, nobody will stop you so quickly. This not only puts you on the defensive, but also on the offensive.
If the situation should escalate, you have the necessary tools at the man / woman / miscellaneous.

The backpack offers the following features:

  • Waterproof survival backpack 35L
  • Fishing set
    • space-saving fishing set
    • 36m fishing line (fits in the jacket pocket)
    • with 2 fish hooks
    • Lead weights
    • Artificial bait
    • offers everything to catch a fish even in emergency situations.
  • Ninja balaclava mask for camouflage and face protection
  • Hammock (can also be used as a fishing net or safety net for wild animals)
  • Camouflage make-up with mirror (3 colors)
  • Survival kit
    • knife
    • pipe
    • Wire saw
    • wire
    • Fishing set
    • Cotton wool
    • matches
    • candle
    • pencil
    • Mini compass
    • Sewing kit
    • Safety pins
    • Fire starter
    • mirror
    • Survival Instruction
    • Accident Evaluation Report
  • Armored tape (all-purpose weapon)
  • 2x canteens each 1L
  • 4x plastic carabiners
  • 2x handcuffs - (cable ties)
  • compass
  • Poncho
  • Camouflage scarf
  • Bundeswehr combat knife KM2000
  • US machete with saw back
  • 15m nylon rope about 10mm
  • Cooking set
    • Solid fuel stove made of light and strong steel.
    • The stove can be set up in two positions:
      • half-open, for smaller containers such as bowls and cups
      • and fully open for larger pots, etc.
    • Comes with 8 solid fuel tablets with the dimensions of 4.5 x 1.2 cm and 28g each.
    • The tablets are wrapped in foil, which prevents them from getting wet.
    • Cooking / eating utensils with folding handles (for taking the hot pan from the fire) are widespread in the NATO armies.
    • This set consists of 2 pans / bowls (aluminum - light and robust) of 18 by 13.5 cm and is 6 cm deep and 16.5 by 13 cm and is 5 cm deep.
    • And with a weight of 450 grams it is the right choice for your equipment.
    • 4-piece BW cutlery (heavy repro set version)
      • Knife, fork, spoon, can / bottle opener
      • Length approx. 19 cm
      • Weight: approx. 170 g
      • Stainless steel
  • 4 colored LED head lamp with batteries
  • 1x survival folding toothbrush
  • 1x survival emergency tent
  • 1x emergency sleeping bag
  • Tactical baseball cap olive (sun protection)

Prepare yourself and be prepared for the WORST!

Item free from 18 years with proof of age