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Wunschmerkennungsmarke BW with embossing chain service dog tag dog tag # 23373

Product information "Wunschmerkennungsmarke BW with embossing chain service dog tag dog tag # 23373"

Who does not know the Bundeswehr dog tag!

Whether for service use, as jewelry or for the rearview mirror in the car.

True to the motto: Once a soldier, always a soldier!

We punch you your German dog tag from stainless steel,

 with your personal touch with the original BW stamping medium.

Included in the delivery is the BW dog tag with personal imprint and matching ball chain.

Notes on the field numbers and their meanings:

1. The gender

2. The nationality (GE for Germany is already pre-punched)

3. The religion denomination

-E or EV = Evangelical

-K or RK = Roman Catholic

and at the request of the person concerned:

-O = Christian Orthodox religious community

-ISL = Islamic religious community

-JD = Jewish religious community

Note: Registration is not required if the soldier does not belong to one of the two religious communities (E / K) or

as a member of another religious community does not wish to register '.

4. PK (Personal Identification Number) (up to 20 characters)

-Date of birth

- the first letter of the last name

Code number of the Kreiswehr Ersatzamt

- current number

5. blood group A, B, AB or 0

6. Rhesus factor Rh + or rh-

7. Full protection vaccination

- Type of vaccination e.g. T for tetanus

- Year of completed primary vaccination

 8. + 9. + 10. = wish-embossing (backside)

Dimensions of the brand: about 8 x 5 cm

Total length of necklaces approx .: 60 cm and 12cm

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